The Hometown Boys Building Dreams

When hometown boys Rance Riley's and Jonathan Blice's paths crossed, they knew from the get go that it was no coincidence. With a common passion for construction and complementary skill sets, they dove headfirst into working together.

Jonathan first joined Rance in roofing, and after establishing a steady working relationship, they decided it was time to finally step out on their own to work towards their dream: Creating a local company that could meet the construction needs of the community that they grew up in.

Leaning on the support from their families and faith, Jonathan and Rance turned their dream into a reality when they officially opened Three Kings Construction in 2014.


Three Kings Construction Today

Three Kings Construction remains a symbol of Jonathan and Rance’s dream turned into reality, as well as a symbol of their dedication to turning community member’s dreams into reality. They work with integrity, excellent communication, persistence, determination, and consistency to put community members through a building process that leaves them feeling safe, proud, and truly at home.


Rance Riley

Growing up in South OKC, Rance Riley spent most of his time on his first love, baseball, and didn’t have much time to imagine dream other than that one. On occasions though, he had a fleeting thought of building a home - what he would be like, how he could do it.

But the thoughts passed, and baseball propelled him forward all the way through college. When his successful baseball career came to a close, Rance started a job as a landman along with many other of his graduating classmates. Rance worked in the oil field for just about three years when the industry went down, causing him and many others to unexpectedly lose their jobs.

With a wife and 3 children to provide for, this felt like his most difficult trial yet. Little did he know, it was the beginning of a transition into unshakable faith and into what would become his life’s work. The transition began with Rance teaming up with his brother in roofing. Business soared with Rance on board, but he soon found that it wasn’t enough. He needed more. He needed to build.

That old building desire that sometimes surfaced as a kid came alive once Rance started his partnership with Jonathan Blice, eventually leading to the creation of 3 kings construction. Today, Rance is guided by his faith, his family, and by a deep understanding of what homeownership means to people. He combines his progressive creativity in building with his old school values on customer service to provide an honest and joyful home ownership experience for families in his community.


Jonathan Blice

Born and raised in south OKC, Jonathan Blice has always loved two things: Working with his hands and helping others. These simple joys, along with an early interest in architecture led Jonathan on a path to the Construction Business.

That began at 16 years old, when Jonathan began working for a banking software company. There, he developed technical skills that would eventually prove essential in the construction business.

Before long though, Jonathan found himself taking on projects on the side where he could work with his hands and develop even more.

After some time of steady side projects, the loss of his father, along with a dose of faith, prompted him to take a full time leap into what he had always truly been passionate about. The leap landed him in business with Rance Riley in what would become Three Kings Construction.

Today, Jonathan uses his architectural skills and passion, his faith, and the values his father instilled in him, to develop meaningful homes for the community that raised him.

To Jonathan, his greatest accomplishments are marrying his high school sweetheart and having two children, and creating homes that families feel safe to be in and excited to invite others into.