The Journey to Your Dream Home

A smooth, authentic homebuilding process shouldn’t be left up to chance, because it’s not just a house that’s being built, it’s a family dream.

Homeownership marks new chapter in life and Three Kings Construction is dedicated to ensuring that your chapter begins with a home that fits your family's needs. Whether that’s more space for a growing family, downsizing for a more simple lifestyle, or personalizing for efficiency, comfort, and ease - Three Kings Construction is here for your construction needs throughout every phase of life.


We respect the significance of homeownership.

We're committed to providing a home you feel safe in and proud of.


Consistent Communication

You should never have to worry or wonder about the status of your new home. Three Kings Construction prides itself in superior communication. Our promise is to keep you informed and up to date throughout your homebuilding experience. 

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You Are In Control

When building a custom home, you should always have a say. From start to finish, we include you in every phase of building to ensure your home is exactly as it should be- custom. 


Commitment to Excellence

One of your biggest investments in life should never be compromised. From the materials we use to the integrity of our craftsmanship, we build your home with excellence, as if it is our own.


6 Phases to Complete Satisfaction


Phase 1: Free Consultation

Whether you have a lot in mind or nothing at all, we offer a free in person meeting to help make your dreams a reality.

Phase 2: Foundational Planning

Every good home is built on a solid foundation. Sound architectural plans are key to a successful build out of your home.

Phase 3: Budget & Buildout

Every budget and buildout plan is built together to keep things transparent and to ensure you get the most out of your investment.


Phase 4: Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground can be as exciting as it is unnerving. We actively communicate and collaborate with you until the last brick is laid.

Phase 5: Project Completion

No project is complete until every mark is at or above expectation. After a final walkthrough, we proudly give you the keys to your new home. 

Phase 6: Post Completion

We provide you with ongoing support, any next steps, warranty information, as well as friendly reminders to keep your home in excellent shape.


Set up a time to discover the possibilities.